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Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. allows you to Achieve Financial Freedom! Perpetual Money Machine like your own ATM you withdraw money from! Biggest Bonuses, Best Carriers, Best Channel Program. Spiffs, Leads, The most carriers of any Master Agent. We get the access so you get the deal! We go to the small markets, the suburbs and we find the carriers to be the lowest price every time. We have all the tools Real Time API quotes, Custom Portal deal tracking, instant commissions wired to your bank account. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. is now paying out Thousands of dollars a month get your piece of the money pie! You get the idea you can work with TCS and quit your job! Work when you want, where you want, if you want! Take a vacation from your bills, mortgages, car notes! GET RICH! The money train is moving get ran over, get out of the way, or get on board. Recession Proof during bad times all companies want to cut cost and save money! Earn More during a recession!

A Different Master Agent
TCS is a different kind of master agent for the era of convergence. TCS is a relatively new Master Agency therefore we only know new products and services and those are our specialty. Yes TCS offers the typical 50 carriers everyone else offers. Yes we offer great Spiffs, Residuals, Back Office Support, On time accurate commissions, online statements, etc. However TCS goes way beyond the typical Master Agency we live SIP trunking, Hosted PBX, VOIP and the private layer two and layer three data network to close business. TCS specializes in last mile access providers and has the biggest list of carriers of any Master Agent. We go to the small mom and pop carriers, fiber builders, Wimax, wireless, satellite, DSL, Cable players. TCS goes and gets state carriers, county carriers, and city carrier’s, we find the access so you can get the best price every time and close the deal. TCS prides ourselves on enabling you to sell services anywhere in the world with the best possible rates on any services. TCS is easy to work with and offer you all the tools to support yourself or a personalized channel manager to support you fully and completely. We don’t tell you what to do, when to do it, where to it, or force you to use some back office system. We want your business and we will do anything necessary to earn it. Call TCS today to find out why we are cheaper, better, and faster than any other Master Agent in the world. TCS provides supplier support services, commission support, experienced sales assistance, marketing and business development assistance, and executive level support to our Master Agent and Sub Agents. We dedicate 100% of our resources to our Sales Partners, and never compete with our Partners for end-user customers. TCS never has had nor never will have a direct sales force in fact if we come across a deal we have to give it to a partner! We never compete with the channel we are the channel support experts.

How do I get Started?
TCS makes it so easy to join and start earning money all you have to do is sign our non-disclosure agreement and we will send you the other three documents. TCS has a partner agreement that is ever-greened with no minimums and no risk of losing anything. TCS has W-9 for you to fill out we don’t care if you are an individual, business, or corporation we want to do business with you. Finally to make life easy and simple we have an optional electronic funds transfer authorization form that you fill out and attach a voided check to. This allows TCS to electronically pay you your commission check you don’t even have to go to your bank and cash a check. TCS will post your commission statement online and e-mail it to you unless of course you want a check then we will cut one and mail you a printed statement. You tell us how you want to do business with us we are here to serve you and help you make money. That is our complete process.

SME’s Subject Matter Experts
Subject Matter Experts are Master Agents and Sub Agents who wish to post their resumes, pictures, bio’s etc. on the TCS web site. Usually Subject Matter Experts are also Market Managers, but do not have to be to participate. This TCS program allows you to showcase your talents and expertise to the entire TCS network and if a Master Agent or Sub Agent needs help with a customer they access you and get their customer help. This can be with Telecom services or other ancillary products and services like PBX vendors, Cabling, Routers, It Consulting, Servers, Databases, Applications, etc. Basically anything a client, Master Agent, or Sub Agent needs they can access through the TCS Subject Matter Expert/Vendor Network.

New Carrier Bonus Program
TCS will pay you for every carrier you refer to TCS that we sign a contract with to resell there services. TCS will pay you a $100.00 bounty once the first sale is made with any new vendor you bring to TCS. TCS will notify upon submission of carrier supplier whether we have an agreement with that carrier already or not. Total Carrier Solutions is not just our name it is what we stand for we want all carriers that wish to do business with the Channel. The more carriers the better the deals we can get and the more money we can all make. Once we onboard a new carrier they are stored in our ever expanding carrier database.

Referral Program
If you would like to just refer a customer to TCS and allow a Master Agent or Sub Agent to help you design, price quote, and contract a customer for you then you can to the right place. TCS will allow you to refer online, e-mail, or phone call a lead and if the lead closes we pay you a one-time bonus just for the referral. The bonus can range from 25% all the way to 100% of total monthly recurring revenue across all buckets of business. Don’t just give a lead away get paid by TCS bring your leads here. Third Party Vendors like PBX Vendors, Cabling, I.T. consultants, can post leads here and get paid and also get paid back with leads from our Master Agents and Sub Agents.

Vendor / Agent Refferal Network
TCS allows vendors to post for free their specialty PBX, Cabling, I.T. Consultants, etc. These vendors are constantly referring their leads to TCS for payment. These leads are giving to Master Agents and Sub Agents typically Market Managers and Subject Matter Experts to get closed. Now our Master Agents and Sub Agents can refer third party vendors their customer leads and get paid a one- time commission on non-telecom products and services. Instead of giving away your PBX, hardware, and software leads in the hopes of getting a telecom deal now get paid extra revenue by referring directly to TCS web site and preferred vendors in each market. New Revenue Streams and innovation that is what TCS is all about. Vendors are aligned by Market just like TCS market managers. When you send a Vendor and a TCS agent out to a customer’s office you can now double the sale and probability of closing your sale.


Install Phone
your privacy matters

Training and Product Knowledge
TCS and its vendors, suppliers, affiliates offer training all the time. If you want to learn how to sell Hosted PBX, SIP, VOIP, or any other services just ask or click the training calendar. The more you learn the more you earn is our motto. Training is always optional and available, but we never force any master agent or sub agent to do anything ever. TCS training consists of conference calls, web ex, video conferencing, etc. Choose your method learn what you want, when you want, if you want.

TCS Residual Referral Program
TCS offers an innovative incentive for you to help us find Master Agents and Sub Agents around the world. TCS will pay you on every dollar we pay to a Master Agent or a Sub Agent a 10% residual commission. Yes if we pay an Agent that you brought to TCS $10,000 for sales made you will make a $1000.00 just for referring them to TCS. This residual referral bonus is every month and ever-greened for as long as they make money and you stay an agent with TCS. We never stop paying you on your own sales or on referred Agents to TCS.

Market Managers
TCS has an innovate program to help Master Agents and Sub agents work together to close business. TCS is looking for Master Agents and Sub Agents in each market segment in the U.S. and World. If you are the first Master Agent or Sub Agent to sign up with TCS and wish to be a market manager please let your channel manager know. Market Managers are TCS and our vendors’ feet on the street. Sometimes it takes a look in the eye, handshake, whiteboard session, or personal contact to close a deal even with the best deal from best carriers at the best prices. TCS market managers are designed to fill this void and give all TCS master agents and Sub Agents the ability to engage a trained and certified market manager to help close their deal. The results of this program are incredible deals engage with market managers close over 90% of the time. So how does the money work simple if you bring the deal to a market manager for help you agree to split the deal 50% of the Spiffs and residuals. If you are a market manager you get half of someone else’s deal just for going out and meeting the customer and helping close the deal. This program again is optional and is a win win for deal for TCS master agents and sub agents as well as TCS market managers. TCS is looking for Market Managers in any population center over 20,000 people. Call TCS or your channel manager today for details. You must be a TCS Master Agent or Sub Agent to participate in this program.

Total Carrier Solutions simply delivers!

Total Carrier Solutions is worldwide full service telecommunications services provider. Total Carrier Solutions helps businesses find the best carrier services at the best prices. Total Carrier Solutions strives to understand our client's critical business systems and applications and what services work best with those systems and applications not just sell you bandwidth.
Expand with Total Carrier Solutions.

Total Carrier Solutions is in business to serve the needs of our clients. Without our clients trust and support there is no other reason for us to exist. We value every business and all of our personal relationships we create on a daily basis. Total Carrier Solutions is in business to find our customers the best solutions on voice, internet, and data services at the best possible price.
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