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Carrier Services
Welcome to the Total Carrier Solutions Carrier Services section. In this section we talk about all the technologies that carriers offer. There are some many categories and overlapping technologies with the convergence of voice and data that we tried to organize these in an easy to use way. You may very well find the same services in multiple categories and that is okay since some offerings fit in to multiple categories. Total Carrier Solutions was able to break down all the carrier offerings into three main categories Data, Internet, and Voice. In this section we mainly list each service for example local dial tone, long distance, MPLS, VOIP, etc. If you see a technology that you are interested in just click on the service and it will take you to our definitions and terminology page and explain what the service is and does. We hope you enjoy this section of our web site and find it informative and useful. If you experience any problems or want additional information please click below for support. If you see a service or technology that you are interested in please click below for a meeting with a Total Carrier Solutions representative. You will find that Total Carrier Solutions offers every technology that any carrier offers. If you discover a technology that is not on our website please let us know so we may update our web site

Data Services
Total Carrier Solutions Offers all of the following services and many more. Total Carrier Solutions specializes in connecting offices together using all of the available technologies that each carrier offers. Total Carrier Solutions tries to understand your applications and what you are trying to accomplish and once we understand that we can propose the proper technology. Total Carrier Solutions can help facilitate corporate Local Area Network and Wide Area Networking or commonly called LAN’s and WAN’s. Total Carrier Solutions also helps companies facilitate remote office workers or telecommuters. Total Carrier Solutions can help set up any data network connectivity for anyone to access any applications to or from anywhere in the world. Total Carrier Solutions can help you connect to a disaster recovery or CoLocation facility as well. Depending on a companies reliability and uptime needs for data we can also recommended completely redundant data networks including high availability and load balancing. More and more businesses are looking for fail safe data networks and are planning on circuits going down some time and having a automatic failover keep the connections up and running. Total Carrier Solutions can help with zero downtime data networking as well. In fact Total Carrier Solutions has clients that have complete redundancy on multiple carriers because downtime is not an option.  Please contact a Total Carrier Solutions representative to help you pick the right Data Connectivity for your company by analyzing and understanding your mission critical business applications. Some examples of data networks are the following ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS, Ethernet, Layer Two, Layer Three, Frame Relay, ATM, IP Enabled Frame Relay, Point 2 Point, Private Line, VPN-Public, VPN-Private, VPN-Carrier Class, and any other carrier based data connectivity. Your business applications will determine which services you need to consider please contact a Total Carrier Solutions representative for more information.

Internet Services
Total Carrier Solutions Offers all of the following services and many more. Internet access comes in many different bandwidth amounts and connection types. Total Carrier Solutions can offer every time of internet access from any carrier. Some examples of internet access are dial up, DSL, High Speed Cable, Wireless Internet, WIFI, Satellite, Fractional T-1, T-1, In-by T-1, MARO, T-3’s, 2 Megs, 3Megs, 4Megs, 5Megs, 6Megs, 10Megs, 20Megs, 50Megs, 90Megs, 100Megs, OC-3, 0C-48, OC-192, Dynamic T-1’s, Integrated T-1’s, and IP based Video Conferencing. Total Carrier Solutions can help your company find the most bandwidth for least cost anywhere in the U.S. or the world. Companies today are describing internet access as a mission critical technology and e-mail as their most important application. So if your company needs new bandwidth, more bandwidth, or redundant bandwidth Total Carrier Solutions can help you. Total Carrier Solutions can provide zero downtime internet access arrangements through different solutions like Data Center Internet access, dual entrance facilities, multi-site failover internet access, dual carrier redundancy internet access, high availability internet access, load balancing, BGP, fully meshed access, and many other internet access arrangements.   If you have Questions about internet access or highly available internet access please contact a Total Carrier Solutions specialist.


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Voice Services
Total Carrier Solutions Offers all of the following services and many others. Total Carrier Solutions offers many voice services and with the convergence of voice and internet commonly called VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol you may see services listed in both the Voice and Internet categories. Some of the services Total Carrier Solutions offers are Long Distance, Local Dial Tone, PRI, long distance T-1, dynamic T-1, Centrex, Voice Trunks, Trunk Groups, Telebranch, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, IVR or Interactive Voice Response, Audio Conferencing, Toll Free, Advanced Toll Free Features like (Time of Day Routing, Area Code Routing, Percentage Allocation, Day of Week Routing, Day of Year Routing, Routing by Holiday, Multiple Destinations by Area, Origination Control, Disaster Routing), Calling Card, PRI, T-1, VOIP, Video Conferencing(Voice and Video), and many others not listed. Total Carrier Solutions is a big proponent of disaster recovery and business continuance planning and this planning should include all voice services as well as Data and Internet. Total Carrier Solutions offer every carrier’s disaster recovery plans for all of the voice services. We can help any company engineer a completely redundant fail safe voice network. Even though Data and Internet are very important you can not overlook voice in today’s business. Most business report that any lost phone calls to their business results directly in lost business equating to thousands of dollars. Total Carrier Solutions takes voice services very seriously and will help architect, design, and engineer the most reliable voice network possible. For help with your voice network design, pricing on your voice network, or questions about any voice service offering please contact a Total Carrier Solutions representative.

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Total Carrier Solutions is worldwide full service telecommunications services provider. Total Carrier Solutions helps businesses find the best carrier services at the best prices. Total Carrier Solutions strives to understand our client's critical business systems and applications and what services work best with those systems and applications not just sell you bandwidth.
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Total Carrier Solutions is in business to serve the needs of our clients. Without our clients trust and support there is no other reason for us to exist. We value every business and all of our personal relationships we create on a daily basis. Total Carrier Solutions is in business to find our customers the best solutions on voice, internet, and data services at the best possible price.
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