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What we do?
Technology changes on a daily basis, we are here to to take the burden off our clients to know this technology inside and out in order to connect with the outside world. We have trained agents that carry the burden for you. Like you go to a mechanic when your car breaks down, our clients come to us when they need assistance in designing and implementing their platform for all of their voice, data and internet services. They count on Total Carrier Solutions to find the best service(s) at the lowest and best possible rates. As technology changes, so do your requirements and workplace needs. This is why we build long term relationships with our customers. With every new technology, every change that take place in your work place from growth to reduction, to moving to a new location, we are here to help you change and assist you with your transition needs with ease.

How do we do it?
We are a Houston based company with a network of Agents and Providers worldwide. We work with Tier One, Two and Three Carriers with Tier One being the largest carriers in the world. We work with small, medium and large carriers across all technologies. Total Carrier Solutions also works with large global aggregators, which are companies that resell numerous carriers across the world so your business can get the best deal possible.

The modern Aggregator also have Network Operation Centers where they monitor the various carrier networks 24x7x365. The aggregators can also open trouble tickets, monitor equipment, monitor software, handle custom billing, turn up services, move service, change services, turn off services and many other difficult and time consuming tasks, Total Carrier Solutions works with only the largest and best Aggregators in the world. We also work with data centers and are very well versed in the entire suite of Carrier Offerings and their underlying technologies. Total Carrier Solutions work with PBX phone systems, VoIP systems, and most other I.T. hardware and software in use in today's Data Centers.

Example of I.T. infrastructure are Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, SQL, Exchange, File, EMC Storage, Symantec Antivirus, Replication Hardware and Software, VMWare, Unix, Linix, Cisco, Citrix, Document Management Systems, Accounting Software, Fax Software and Hardware, CRM, ERP and many other technologies. Total Carrier Solutions does not sell hardware or software, we help you evaluate those services to make the best decisions, especially in how they work with each carrier's offereings. Total Carrier Solutions service is totally free to any business as we are compensated by the carrier you choose.

Your Time is Valuable to us!
We know your time is valuable. This is why we have over 2000 agents ready to assist you with your connection to the outside world.

Totatal Carrier Solutions is committed to providing you with:

  • Most cost effective service provider.
  • Assisting with design and implemention.
  • Assigning a Project Manager to insure timely and accurate instalations.
  • First Bill Reviews to insure you are being billed correctly.
  • Assistance after installation, assisting with service calls, billing questions, additions or change to your application,

Sample Client References

In order to protect our client's confidentiality and work schedules, we ask that you allow
our Agent to schedule a time for a conference call with any of the listed clients below.

Acadian Legal
American Cheer Power
Ameritech Consulting
Animal Defense League
AP Keller
Beyond Dental
BKR Building
Brenntag Latin America, Inc.
Brett Shanks PC
Buena Suerte
Calvary Baptist Church
Campbell, Harrison & Dagley
Carter's Country
Chamberlin Waterproofing
Chandler, Mathis & Zivley
Chimera Energy
Coast Oak Group
Colorado Lining International
Conoco Phillips
Continental Airlines
Continental Court Reporters
Creative Switching Designs
Denver Country Inn
Digital Imaging
Discovery Training
Draxis Energy
Emergent Professional Resources
FHI Busy Body Home Fitness
Flexicore Of Texas
Global Sleep
Great American Business Products
Gulf Coast Welding
HDK Enterprises
High Ridge Industrial Park
Holiday Inn Express
Hunt Global
Hunter Building
IP Datastream
Kruegar Islelin
Linc Facility Services
Looper, Reed, Mark & McGraw
Lutheran Southern Academy
Mandalay Financial
Maximum Recovery Solutions
McGuyer Homebuilders
MHI Partnership
Motorskill Venture Group
Nance & Duncan
Nielsen Law Firm
Northeast Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Null Lairson P.C.
Ovation Travel
Packers Plus
Precor Home Fitness
Profolio Home Mortgage
Promark Research Corporaion
RMG Connect
Rockpoint Group LLC
Ryan Company
Satellite Logistics
Saving Call
Scalar Fund Management
Simplified Power
Smart Reply
Southern Worldwide Logistics
St Martin's Episcopal Church
Stone, Pigman,
Strategic Network Consulting Services
Terra Verte Trading
The Command Center Inc.
The Jung Center
Xtreme Lashes
Yetter & Warden
ZMS Technologies


Install Phone
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Take The Fist Step!
Fill out the the required information from the form located above this box, you will then be directed to step 2 to finalize your request and will begin to receive real-time quotes for your selected services. Total Carrier Solutions looks forward to assisting you with all your telecom needs so do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Why choose us?
Total Carrier Solutions is a strategic advocate or partner for businesses that are looking for Carrier class services such as local dial tone, long distance, internet access, and data connectivity. We help clients cut through thte sales clutter and propaganda and evaluate the real from the sales fluff. We will find you the best solutions at the best prices from the best carrier. We work with all of the telecommunication carriers so your business does not have to waste valuable time and effort sifting through all the carrier offerings, proposals, sales materials, marketing materials, etc. Total Carrier Solutions specializes in all access technologies, like fiber, ethernet over copper, copper loops, Wimax, fixed wireless, satellite and more.

We work with the wholesale side of the carriers or sometimes referred as the alternate channel. We assist you with finding carrier with the best offer at the best price. The contract you sign is between you and the carrier. The main difference between going to the carrier directly, and allowing Total Carrier Solutions in assisting you is when you choose Total Carrier Solutions, the contract you sign are generated from the wholesale side of the carrier, not the retail side.

Total Carrier Solutions will cut through the clutter and make a recommendation based on facts, best price, service quality, reliability and suitability. Our clients do not waste their valuable time researching and wondering if they made the smart business decision on their own. They put their trust in our industry professionals and feel confident about the telecommunication decisions they have made for their business. The best part of all, our services are always free of charge to you

How do we make money?
Simple. We are paid from the providers for their respective services, They pay us to present their offerings to you. So we are impartial as to which provider you select. We are here to assist you in making the choice that is best suited for your technology and telecommunication needs.

Total Carrier Solutions simply delivers!

Total Carrier Solutions is worldwide full service telecommunications services provider. Total Carrier Solutions helps businesses find the best carrier services at the best prices. Total Carrier Solutions strives to understand our client's critical business systems and applications and what services work best with those systems and applications not just sell you bandwidth.
Expand with Total Carrier Solutions.

Total Carrier Solutions is in business to serve the needs of our clients. Without our clients trust and support there is no other reason for us to exist. We value every business and all of our personal relationships we create on a daily basis. Total Carrier Solutions is in business to find our customers the best solutions on voice, internet, and data services at the best possible price.
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