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Total Carrier Solutions Hot New Services

Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. is now selling WiMax or wireless WiMax services from multiple vendors. This carrier service offers full security and encryption and now supports class of services and quality of services. WiMax is a quantum leap for last mile access all you need is a small antennae on top of your building and you are in business. Turn ups or cut over to a WiMax company can happen in Hours not 30-90 days. WiMax is so efficient clients are buying it because the company they signed contracts with can get their fiber or copper installed when they said they would. WiMax allows you to sell MPLS, Layer Two Private Data Connections, Private Lines, Ethernet Internet Access, VOIP, SIP, Hosted PBX, Dial Tone PRI's, Dial Tone Lines, and soon all traditional TDM services. WiMax will be as host a VOIP in the next year or two if not hotter.

Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. is now selling SIP trunking services. SIP is sort of a buzz word like VOIP and the two are related. SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol all this means in layman's terms is we will have your server and Local Area Network be the intelligence for carrier applications. Instead of relying on the carrier to do everything for you business can now do it themselves. In order to do SIP you must have internet access preferable internet access that supports quality of service and class of service because like VOIP if you don't prioritize real time applications like voice it will sound terrible. Once you have internet then you must have SIP devices that support the standard as well in this example I will say SIP phones and SIP call manager. When you want to make a long distance calls your SIP Call Manager initiates the VOIP call through the internet access. This shift change allow for low or no taxes on dial tone and long distance. Furthermore this allows for virtual numbers so a company can open an office with no physical investment at all. You could get virtual numbers from anywhere in the world and have them ring to your existing office. Be careful of the generic use of the word SIP some PBX vendors and phone providers have their own proprietary version of SIP forcing you to use their equipment only. Make sure any technology you buy or use supports open SIP standards so you are free to go where you want. A true SIP provider will not force you to buy their gear or use their internet access it will be an option.

Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. is now selling VOIP. VOIP is a fancy buzz word right now, but has some really great applications. VOIP or Voice over internet protocol is simply converting voice analogue waves into digital bits and bytes called ones and zeros. Once voice is packetized or converted to a digital signal it can then be sent over the internet or any data network. Once those voice packets are received then they must be converted back to analogue to hear properly. Since data networks and the internet are already in place this VOIP technology can dramatically reduce costs versus traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or analogue networks commonly referred to as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Since VOIP is web based it currently is not taxed like traditional PSTN services. On some voice products like business lines and local T-1's the taxes, fees, and surcharges can be as high as forty to fifty percent. VOIP can be very complicated and difficult to set up and manage properly, but when set up and managed well can really reduce costs. One of the key elements in making VOIP work are making sure that you run VOIP across a private data network not the public internet. If you go over the public internet you can't ensure that voice packets will arrive in real time. If you go over a private data network with Class of Service or Quality of Service then you can ensure those real time packets arrive and your call sounds perfect. Private lines, MPLS, layer two Ethernet, and even some old Frame Relay or ATM networks will support VOIP better than the public internet. Please consult a professional for advice before, during, and after a VOIP project there are some real issues and problems if not set up properly.

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