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What's New at Total Carrier Solutions?

Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. launches portal for back office operations to help support sub agents, master agents, and customers more efficiently. TCS has really built some intelligence to their web site. Agent of TCS can log in and do deal tracking, real time quoting, view commission statements, contact management, and a full suite of automation. TCS Customer Resource Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software allows us to be more efficient with our carrier suppliers, sub agents and master agents, and most importantly our end user customers. For the first time TCS agents can long in and request quotes for their customers. Now twenty carriers do instant quotes through a direct API interface to the carrier suppliers. The quote request is then e-mail blasted to the other 250 plus carriers that TCS does business with. This makes our Agents very efficient and able to quote faster, better, cheaper than other competitors. This will increase sales volume, transaction volume, decrease the time it takes to do business with Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. President and C.E.O. Jeff Ott says, "it was about time we did this we were falling behind the times. This enables us to compete with any carrier or master agents for sales. We love the tools and technologies and so do most of our agents, however we don't force anyone to use these tools and still will fully support our agents through traditional means. In other words our channel managers can use these tools for our agents to make them more efficient. We really value our agents and want them to do business with TCS in whatever manner they are comfortable with if the want to use the tools great if not that is great too."

November 1, 2007 TCS SELLS WIMAX.
Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. in partnership with Airband, TowerStream, and XO's Nextlink division begins selling wireless products and solutions. This new or next generation wireless is called WiMax and it now offers full security and encryption utilizing the 802.16 wireless standard. WiMax also offers full Class of Service and Quality of Service enabling Voice over I.P. and video applications. WiMax basically gives customer a new last mile access method besides monopoly carrier's copper infrastructure. Similar to how companies have been building fiber optic cables to business now you have WiMax as another diverse path. Used properly this diverse path greatly enhances disaster prevention and business continuance. WiMax products and services now include Ethernet internet access, MPLS ports, Private lines, hosted PBX, VOIP, SIP Trunking, Layer Two Private Data Connections, Dial Tone PRI's, Dial Tone flat business lines. WiMax offers very competitive rates on these products and services much cheaper than traditional and fiber products. Customers ask all the time what happens if it rains? WiMax has the ability and the intelligence to push through any atmospheric interference. WiMax antennas' go on top of building and only transmit 1 to 5 miles away to base stations. They don't have far to go and they amplify the waves so that the WiMax signals work in any weather conditions. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. loves the technology as another helpful tool in the technology bag for serving customers. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. has seen rapid acceptance by customers and its over 106 sub agents worldwide.

Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. launches nationwide Master Agent and Sub Agent program. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. becomes a Master Agent with a competitive innovative Master Agent Program. This program is designed to help sub agents do business with Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. simply and easily. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. continues to grow and expand it suppliers now well over 100 carriers and growing fast. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. President and C.E.O. Jeff Ott says, "We need to offer our agents and customers something different and better than what our more established competitors offer. At TCS we feel there are a lot of Master Agents offering the same old carriers and solutions as everyone else. At TCS we want to make sure that we always have a carrier in every market that an agent or customer wants to do business in. TCS really values the smaller local, regional, and micro carriers and resellers. In the highly competitive telecommunications industry more and more deals are won and lost on price. If you can find the local access provider with the best deal you can always be the low price leader. TCS is known for tough customers in tough locations throughout the world. While we don't win every deal we almost always have low price options for our customers, agents, and master agents." Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. also innovates by really helping sub agents, customers, and master agents with architecture, design, implementation, and solving I.T. problems at companies throughout the U.S. This extra ability to understand a CIO's network infrastructure has really helped quote the proper solutions for real world customer issues. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. quotes are up, close deals are up, Sub Agent growth is up, Master Agent Growth is up, sales to existing customers is up, and total new customer growth is up.

February 12, 2007 TCS LAUNCHES WEB SITE.
Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. hires Farpoint systems to develop an online presence as TCS grows its business. Total Carrier Solutions, Inc. President and C.E.O. says, "in this day and age you have to have a web site or no one knows you are in business. Farpoint has done a wonderful job developing our web site for customers to see who we are and what we do. We have a combination of information and really helpful information to help clients with I.T. problems whether they do business with TCS or not." TCS web site is in operation and will be continually update as business warrants. This is an exciting day for TCS as more and more individuals and businesses do business over the internet.

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Total Carrier Solutions is in business to serve the needs of our clients. Without our clients trust and support there is no other reason for us to exist. We value every business and all of our personal relationships we create on a daily basis. Total Carrier Solutions is in business to find our customers the best solutions on voice, internet, and data services at the best possible price.
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